Make your campaign go viral

Make your campaign go viral
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So you want to make your campaign go viral

We created the viral form product to help brands generate buzz, excitement and anticipation among their target audience, creating demand for some of their highest anticipated campaigns and events.
With this form, admins will now have referral codes and waitlist spots that they can track and then reward participants with points that can be later used for NFT drops, speciality prizes, or any other giveaway they’d want!
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What does a user see when filling out a viral form?

Check out this fully completed viral form created by one of our partners, Subsquid, to celebrate our partnership.
They started with a cover page introducing their contest, laying out the timeline, and collecting user emails.
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On their main form page, they wanted participants to connect their wallet addresses, Twitter accounts, and Telegram accounts. Connecting these accounts ensure social community growth as well as added bot and spam protection. They even added the reCAPTCHA for an extra layer of security. This is what makes DeForm different!
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Finally, the participant will see the waitlist page. New additions to this page are rankings, total points earned, and number of successful referrals. We will talk more about this below as well as how you can customize these new features in “What customizations can I make to the viral form and what are points?
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Getting started

Setting up a viral form on DeForm is similar to any standard form. The difference is now within the waitlist page, which replaces the success page, where admins can customize the number of points form responders get for participating, for referring others to the form, and for signing up with someone else’s referral code.
  1. Sign up or log in to
  1. To create a new form, click on the pink + button on the left hand side or choose a template form from the list of examples.
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  1. Click on "Viral" to start creating your new form.
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  1. Like any other form, admins can customize the form by adding their brand logo, cover pages, cover images, etc. You can add identity verification’s as well as other questions into your form.
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      To see how to setup a standard form, click here to read our Quickstart Guide
  1. Now that you’ve finished adding questions to your form, we can get to the waitlist page! Navigate to the waitlist page and you should see in the design column on the right hand side all your settings.
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      You will learn all about the Waitlist Settings and why the points are important in the next section below.
      If your browser window is too small and you don’t see the design column, find the paint brush icon in the top right corner next to the open form and share icons and click on it. The settings menu will pop up.
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  1. You will now be able to find your completed viral form in your workspace. Viral forms will always have a small rocket ship icon 🚀 in front of the name to make it easier to find.
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What customizations can I make to the viral form and what are points?

Points is one of the biggest features to our viral forms. They serve as a powerful incentive for participants to engage and promote any campaign. By rewarding points for completing the form, referring others, or signing up with a referral code, you can encourage participants to spread the word and attract others to your viral campaign.
Admins can choose how many points form responders earn for each category:
  • Base Points = the amount of points rewarded for completing the form
  • Referral Bonus Points = points given to those that successfully refer others to complete the form
  • Signup Bonus Points = extra points given to those who signed up from a referral and completed the viral form
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At the end of a campaign, admins can see the points leaderboard and reward those who have the most points! Here are some ideas for what you can reward your top engaged participants
  • Customized NFTs drops or tokens
  • Gift cards
  • Tickets or passes for special events
  • Early access to future campaigns or launches
  • New company swag

What happens now?

So you’ve finished setting up your viral form… now what?
  1. Remember to adjust your form settings to fine tune your responses. Important settings to consider are: - Bot prevention with reCAPTCHA - Prevent multiple submissions with unique Twitter accounts, Discord accounts, etc. - Custom subdomain
  1. Once you’re happy with your work, publish your viral form and promote it through your website, social media channels, email marketing, and other relevant platforms.
  1. Engage with participants by sending regular updates, exclusive offers, and any other incentives to maintain their excitement and loyalty.
  1. Finally, reach out and connect with your participants when the campaign is finished

What do results look like in the csv file

Your viral form csv file will contain all the fields that are standard to any DeForm form such as submission timestamp and email address. Other fields that may be displayed are Identity Verification questions (Twitter connect, Discord connect, Telegram connect, etc.) and will include the various fields that follow those verification questions.
Fields new to the viral forms are:
  • Waitlist Points - total points a participant has earned from a viral form
  • Waitlist Referral Count - number of successful referrals a participant has made
  • Waitlist Referral URL - the participant’s unique referral link
Rankings and historical points will not live update in Google sheets so we recommend csv and downloading new data every time

Why does DeForm collect email and how does this get used

Emails are used as unique identifiers for a user’s rankings and points. When a user enters a previously used email, they’ll be auto-jumped to the end success page where they’ll see their ranking and points.
This makes sure that someone can only fill the form out once for each unique email.

How others have used it for their projects

Zircuit “Secret” Pre-Early Waitlist
Zircuit used viral forms to generate hype and momentum for their testnet launch, incentivizing people who sign up on their waitlist to share with others.
The form encourages responders to join their Discord and follow their Twitter.
By combining the referral system and social actions, they were able to grow their socials from 0 → 30k in under a week.
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Cyfrin Early Access Application
Cyfrin, a smart contract audition and web3 education platform, is using DeForm’s Viral forms to create demand for their newest web3 education platform. The more points a participant earns through sharing and referrals, the more prioritized they are in the release.
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